Month: September 2016

Stand-Alone Team Building Days

Some of our clients want to teach their leaders to build teams. And what they are looking for are team building workshops.

Some want to organize team buildings events to freshen up their meetings with ice breakers, others want to increase team morale, some want to celebrate achievement and others have future determining issues that they want to address. These issues could range from enhancing communication skills, to change management, to trust building, to silos dismantling, and other various dysfunctional team dynamics.

Whatever your team challenges and outcomes are, we will customize an agenda for you and build on our extensive experience in the corporate world to invest in the power of play sometimes, and on proven team coaching principles and tools some other times; always to deliver on the results that you wish for.

The innovations we offer are for:

– The objectives: change, communication, planning, strategy deployment, execution, and anything else you want to achieve.
– The mood: learn, play, retreat, team coach, and combos of them all.
– The venue: indoor, outdoor, beach, mountain, snow, water, desert, moon, mars and pluto.
– The execution: workshops, games, breakout sessions, coaching and combos.

And throughout, we speak the language of your industry, your organization and your people in order to make sense to your outcomes.

Team Building Activity Fillers

Conferences, meetings, corporate events, retreats and long brain-engaging sessions can get tiring, let alone boring. Energize yours while investing in your team’s clockwork with the power of play and teamwork simulations.

Wael El Helou

Wael is a Director at “trace and the Director of CRR Lebanon (Center For Right Relationship).

From managing one corporate transformation to another, Wael has lead a multi-disciplinary corporate career that, combined with an eloquent passion to make a difference, has lead him to co-found “trace and to dedicate his life to making people and organizations stronger than their challenges.

From the street-smart world of workmanship in Europe to the complex corporate FMCG arena of Unilever in the GCC and the complicated leadership of family business expansions and institutionalizations in the Levant, he came to be known for his strategic creativity and executional make-it-happenness.

Today, he’s a strategy and change facilitator, a transformation catalyst, an Organizational Relationship System Coach, an executive coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, Director of CRR Lebanon and an impactful international trainer whose skills are sought from London and Paris to Indonesia, India, Moscow, Johannesburg, the GCC and the Levant.

He has been there when business flourished and has survived crisis and plans that went off-track. All that makes him real in his standing in a leader’s as well as a team member’s shoes and in dealing with their issues as his.

Joelle Geagea

Joelle Geagea is the Managing Director of The Arbinger Institute (U.S.A) in the Middle East, and the co-founder and Director of “trace.

She is a sought after Transformational Expert, a Speaker that specializes in Shifting Mindsets and a Master Trainer.

Joelle comes from a seasoned career in regional and multinational corporations where she grew from territory sales manager, to country manager, to international product manager, growing the $600 million revenue brands she managed all over the world, leading international integration strategies and serving on upstream product development teams.

Throughout her extensive career, Joelle has developed programs and performed speeches for organizations, audiences and teams in Europe, Asia, North America, LADA, and the Middle East.

At “trace, she is the Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset™ Guru, in addition to her being the brain and muscles behind some of our renown upskilling programs; she’s “trace’s product development and customization expert and is behind the success of many of our clients who praise her focus on results, persistence, honesty, people development skills, passion and motivational style.

Joelle has helped develop people from different backgrounds and walks of life; from Directors and CEOs, to Medical Physicians, Engineers, Executives from the corporate world and many more.

She has trained masters students and seniors on Leadership topics delivered in Saint Joseph University and organized at the American University of Beirut, and has spoken in front of attendees in international events amongst which are YPO chapters (Young Presidents Organization).

David Molden

David is a personal development consultant and executive coach specialising in work/life transition experiences and working internationally under the brands DMCWorld and living4real. His approach combines NLP models of learning, communication and change with small group coaching workshops to connect passion with capability.

David has run business NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses with Quadrant 1 International for 12 years, plus in-company NLP workshops and change programmes for a variety of corporate clients. He has worked internationally (Middle East, Europe, Far East and China) with a wide variety of organisations in the private and public sectors and is well-known for his ability to engage people from different cultures. He is the author/co-author of six books published in 16 languages including ‘How to Manage with NLP’, ‘Brilliant NLP’ and ‘NLP Business Masterclass’ published by Pearson Education.

He has a background as an engineer with IT Services in senior management roles and interim CEO, responsible for £mm service accounts in the UK and Europe for Computacenter plc.

David is an accredited Master Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, a Certified NLP trainer and Vistage Speaker.

Outside the business arena David is a Chen style Tai Chi Instructor having gained his certificate in Chen Village, China, the birthplace of Tai Chi. He is a paraglider pilot having flown in many of the world’s top flying locations including the Himalayas (Nepal), Western Ghats (India), Alps (France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland),  Black Mountains (Wales) and High Atlas ranges (Morocco).

He has a zest for life and maintains a high level of fitness and mind-body balance through running, meditation, tai chi and yoga practice.

Frida Chehlaoui

Frida Chehlaoui is a strategic planner and the founder of colorblind, a think-tank designed to bring creativity to the heart of businesses by connecting tasks and projects to natural abilities and passion.

She has been exploring the creative process and its impact on performance through projects like the Good Vibes Experiment (with companies like P&G, Cadillac and various entrepreneurs from the region) and through the creative thinking course she’s been teaching at ALBA since 2010.

She is also her own guinea-pig as she’s started writing and making music, and is currently working on her first album.


Hiba & Nelly

Our Client Relations Team is there to listen, craft, and follow-up to ensure you get a solution to the challenges you’re facing rather than to sell you what’s available on the menu.


Our Brand Ambassador is the guardian of our brand, the castle of our R&D and the bank of our insights. She sets the seal on us delivering on our promises today as much as we will do tomorrow.

Rabih Baz Radwan

Rabih is a management and decision consultant with experience in statistical analysis, data mining and analytics, business analysis as well as strategy formulation and evaluation.

Since 2012, Rabih has been working on Labor Economics projects, focusing on the design and structuring of public sector labor market incentives and subsidy programs; segmentation of beneficiaries of unemployment beneficiaries and designing training and placement programs for each segment; as well as the analysis of labor market trends and formulation of strategies that lead to job creation and participation in the private sector. Rabih also played a vital role in helping a major Oil and Gas company in developing a scenario-based decision support system to evaluate and prioritize corporate investments.

Rabih was previously a Senior Researcher at the National Bank of Kuwait, where he worked closely with senior executives and management consultants on formulating, evaluating and implementing strategies for the bank and its regional subsidiaries that equipped him with a rich experience and knowledge in several markets across the MENA region. While fulfilling the requirements for his MBA, he also worked on various consulting projects for a Non-Governmental Organization, a regional Private Bank, and a regional airline company on Optimal Location & Operations, Customer Segmentation as well as Pricing and Revenue Optimization respectively.

He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics with a minor in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.

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