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Stretch Dimension Selling

You’re in sales. Ain’t we all?
You want to hit your numbers. Don’t we all?

From mental fitness to practical processes and closing randoris, our advanced sales training workshops will get you ready for the stars you’re shooting for with different modules that fit different levels and allow you to advance to mastery.

Fierce Conversations

This modular workshop is at the core of our people management and leadership development programs. Besides refocusing mindsets around the vital role that real, unmasked, and in-time conversations play in building accountability and a winning culture, it digs deep into the 4 most used skills (or conversations) by a leader: team conversations, coaching conversations, delegation conversations and confrontation conversations.

Real People Management

Let’s be real: many of the management tools taught in trainings don’t work.
They don’t work primarily because they focus efforts on the observable behavior and not on what matters more. Experienced managers say that a manager is three quarters a psychologist; and they sure got that one right. When the classical tools of management don’t work, doing more of the same won’t get you far.
Real People Management is an international workshop by Q1 Int’l (UK) and is more than just another managerial skills training.
It goes far beyond the situational aspect of leadership into the depths of human behavior, its root causes, and the subjective tools used to effectively and permanently impact it for better results.

Shifting Mindsets

This is where we always recommend that you start.

Without a proper mindset, development efforts make very little difference. Shifting Mindsets is your formula for a boosted return on all investments you make in your people and your culture and for dramatically improved results.

In fact, Attempts to improve behavior alone can produce marginal improvements. Breakthrough results require a change in mindset. This is Arbinger’s work; we change mindset.
Arbinger’s work with organizations begins with a foundational workshop that helps participants develop a mentality of responsibility in their work and think about their work in a way that takes into account ones impact on others, improves personal accountability, and improves results. Arbinger then helps organizations learn and incorporate implementation strategies and tools into their work practices, thus embedding these principles within the workplace. As an organization’s leaders play a critical role in establishing work practices and the work environment, we also have specific programs designed to enable them to lead more effectively. We also prepare organizations to evaluate and redesign policies, practices, and systems to ensure that the culture invites and rewards accountability and collaboration among their employees while reducing resistance.

Organizations that have implemented Arbinger’s approach credit it with providing dramatic results including: millions of dollars in cost savings, double-digit ROI growth, and turning long-standing conflicts into fair and durable agreements.

The Negotiator

Judo is as much an art as it is a science, as much a dance as it is a fight. That’s how we like to think of our negotiation capacity-building workshop. It goes from preparation, to training for ambiguity and chaos, to style agility, and to learning from popular mistakes and best practices.
If you’re looking for a workshop that is fast-paced and highly practical, where every concept learned is immediately put to practice through case studies, where participants have the opportunity to prepare, perform, get coached and assess themselves in different negotiation scenarios, you’re there and this is the one.

Real Presentations

An international workshop by Q1 Int’l (UK) that teaches the way the top speakers of the world do what they do. Suitable for you if you’re presenting numbers, telling stories, or selling an or your ideas and products. From stage freight to language structures, to audience engagement, it’s all in there. Whether you’ve done it plenty of times before, or whether this is among your first and you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

Hacking The Brain of a Management Consultant

Strategy is about choices and decisions.
It’s first about the choice of battles to fight. And then about the choice of options to adopt, in the aim of winning each one of those battles.Hence, our paradoxical approach to strategy which follows a systematic perspective at one end, and allows, at the same time, creativity to seek potential and alternatives.
It is a science that we are glad to share with others.

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