Rabih Baz Radwan

Rabih is a management and decision consultant with experience in statistical analysis, data mining and analytics, business analysis as well as strategy formulation and evaluation.

Since 2012, Rabih has been working on Labor Economics projects, focusing on the design and structuring of public sector labor market incentives and subsidy programs; segmentation of beneficiaries of unemployment beneficiaries and designing training and placement programs for each segment; as well as the analysis of labor market trends and formulation of strategies that lead to job creation and participation in the private sector. Rabih also played a vital role in helping a major Oil and Gas company in developing a scenario-based decision support system to evaluate and prioritize corporate investments.

Rabih was previously a Senior Researcher at the National Bank of Kuwait, where he worked closely with senior executives and management consultants on formulating, evaluating and implementing strategies for the bank and its regional subsidiaries that equipped him with a rich experience and knowledge in several markets across the MENA region. While fulfilling the requirements for his MBA, he also worked on various consulting projects for a Non-Governmental Organization, a regional Private Bank, and a regional airline company on Optimal Location & Operations, Customer Segmentation as well as Pricing and Revenue Optimization respectively.

He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics with a minor in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.

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