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A Mindset for Achieving Breakthrough Results

26 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019

This is where we always recommend that you start.

Without a proper mindset, development efforts make very little difference. A Mindset for Achieving Breakthrough Results is your formula for a boosted return on all investments you make in your people and your culture and for dramatically improved results.

In fact, Attempts to improve behavior alone can produce marginal improvements. Breakthrough results require a change in mindset. This is Arbinger’s work; we change mindset.
Arbinger’s work with organizations begins with a foundational workshop that helps participants develop a mentality of responsibility in their work and think about their work in a way that takes into account ones impact on others, improves personal accountability, and improves results. Arbinger then helps organizations learn and incorporate implementation strategies and tools into their work practices, thus embedding these principles within the workplace. As an organization’s leaders play a critical role in establishing work practices and the work environment, we also have specific programs designed to enable them to lead more effectively. We also prepare organizations to evaluate and redesign policies, practices, and systems to ensure that the culture invites and rewards accountability and collaboration among their employees while reducing resistance.

Organizations that have implemented Arbinger’s approach credit it with providing dramatic results including: millions of dollars in cost savings, double-digit ROI growth, and turning long-standing conflicts into fair and durable agreements.

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