Team Coaching – New Workshop

Because when the challenge is about the team, it’s not just about the individuals in the team. It is about the combination of team members and those team members within the dynamics of the team itself.


As such, it softly matters what the team members do (or not) each on their own, how motivated (or not) they are each on their own, how productive (or not) they are each on their own, how collaborative (or not) they are each on their own, hence how they are each on their own; and it matters more what the resultant of all their unique individual interactions does to their ability to carry their next engagement within the dynamics of their relationship – altogether as a system. It is the invisible web created by those interactions that is the client of the system coach.


The deep belief behind system coaching is that a system is naturally resourceful, creative and whole. As such, all answers are within the system and the system will generate itself moving forward in the way it sees fit once it is revealed to itself. That’s the core of system work.


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