Leadership Is About Making It Happen

There is an ocean that lies between those with ideas, and those who know how to turn them into reality. Success is based on one’s ability to make it happen, separating change-makers from dreamers. As billionaire entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga puts it, “some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen”.

Strong leaders are those who manage to translate ideas into strategy, and of course execution. They possess a higher ability to execute, the charisma to inspire others into helping them achieve their vision, and the courage to make tough decisions when needed.

These are 5 ways in which leaders make things happen:

  • Leaders have a vision of where they wish to be, and manage to gather a team that is inspired and willing to work hard to achieve that vision. Getting others on board may not be enough however, for commitment must be converted into action. A leader knows how to persuade and mobilize people as well as resources, and has a talent for handling conflicts, challenges, and adaptation.
  • A leader speaks the action language. They look at how to make things happen, how to keep the pace, and how to avoid hurdles that may slow further growth. They know how to set up implementation plans and may start by setting small goals, and work their way towards bigger ones.
  • A leader knows how to give their team the necessary help and confidence to step ahead. When one knows how to effectively lead implementation, set up strategy, inspire action, and divide the work according to capabilities, one can deliver great results. Leaders have a talent for growing greatness in others. They have strong coaching and mentoring skills, helping shift mind-sets, behaviors, and performance, all the while pushing people to find their own answers. They help others with insights that are based on their own experience.
  • A leader knows how to create a sense of urgency, how to push others in such a way as to bring the best out of them. They bring out an inner desire to race with oneself and the motivation to keep going. This helps create a certain flow that pushes mind and emotions into higher functionality states, which in turn push forward performance and productivity. Successful people are those who manage to achieve such a state of “flow” more often than not.
  • A leader is an excellent communicator who manages to transmit their goals effectively with utmost passion. Leadership is about making things happen, a process of getting people together to work towards one goal, one vision – and nothing is more important than to be able to communicate one’s ideas in such a way as to inspire others to follow.

Leadership can transform intention into action, vision into reality, and individuals into a community with a purpose. To capture people’s attention and make them into autonomous beings who wish to fulfill their tasks, is an art.

Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others” – John Maxwell.


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